Sunday, January 23, 2011

Engaged On All Levels by Beth Kreitl

In yoga we often talk about connection of mind, body and spirit. We work to bring a conscious effort to that union throughout our practice. Imagine a teacher blending humor, spirit, and physical challenge in a way that invites this beautiful connection. This was my personal experience of taking a Master class with Janet Stone. 

It was nearly a year ago, and I had just completed one of the most wonderful and demanding experiences of my life. I had just completed my 200-hour yoga teacher certification. I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted, yet excited and hopeful.

I stepped into a warm, spacious studio in Chicago, full of eager students. Janet created a sense of community between us right away as we circled closely around her and chanted to Ganesha. From there she led us through a practice that artfully connected poses in a way that asked us to dig deep on every level. She encouraged us to call to mind our obstacles; she requested that we listen to our bodies instead of our egos; she created a space to laugh as she playfully integrated her “west coast humor.”

So the invitation is to consider what you need today. Perhaps you need to rejuvenate your practice. Perhaps you need a deliberate chance to connect deeply to yourself. Perhaps you need to work through difficulties on a physical level. Perhaps you need to explore humor as part of your yoga practice. Perhaps you need it all. This class may be just that opportunity.


  1. How absolutely lovely. Allowing room for humor while flowing not away from but with the depths of challenge is such a beautiful way to practice!

  2. Wonderful practice. I'm so glad I made it to this class. I loved her sense of humor, the chanting, the poses, everything! And how she knew exactly what I was thinking as we went through the poses. Thank you for making this happen.

  3. Hey Girl Hey!!! What a great practice filled with fabulous energy and support from everyone! Thank you to all that came out for this special teacher and special practice.

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