Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Free Flow or Set Sequence?

Spending time talking to yogis and yoginis is one of the perks of my job.  This makes me privy to a lot of opinions about different kinds of classes, styles of teaching, and, more generally, approaches to yoga.  One of the most debate-provoking classes offered at Vibe is Hot Fusion.  Hot Fusion is a set series—the same every time—which makes it a good place to start a heated yoga practice.  This is also why some people find they can’t abide it—it’s always the same. 

Those of us who gravitate toward the free-flowing, creative movement of a Vinyasa practice might do so because it’s always changing—every practice is different.  It varies from teacher to teacher, and from day to day given the goal (physical, spiritual, or otherwise).  An ever-changing sequence can be a great exercise in staying present and attentive during a practice, and can also challenge us to let go of expectations.  Conversely, a set sequence like that of Hot Fusion or the Ashtanga primary series can be an excellent way work out the kinks of certain poses, and also presents the opportunity to let go of the mind and get into a moving meditation.  I like ‘em both, but it depends when you catch me…  

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  1. For me, Vinyasa is always an energizing challenge, whereas Hot Fusion is a feel-good comfort. In Hot Fusion, I love that I always know what to expect; it feels safe and empowering.